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Finally, An Entirely New - And Better - Way to Buy an Adjustable Bed


If you have been shopping for adjustable beds for very long, you may have noticed a common "theme" in  Internet websites - in reading their sales ads or talking to their salespeople, they say very little about the inner workings of the adjustable bases.  The ads don't really spell out whether the hand control is wired or RF, what type motors they have (AC or DC), if the electronics are solid state or relay-type, whether the vib motors are surface-mount or encased, or any other technical details (my theory is most web retailers  have no idea about any of this, but that's another story...).    

What they will "drone" on and on about, is the mattress they are trying to sell you; how their "Ultimate, 312 Coil, CoolMax, Supreme, Cascade, Empress, Pillow Top" mattress is the best thing to ever grace a bedroom.  I'm sure, like all good salespeople, they have only your best interests at heart (that, and the fact that mattresses have one of the highest markups of anything in the retail world...).   Then, assuming you can find a price listed on the web page  (most adjustable bed companies never list their prices on the web - they prefer that you call them to ask about the price so they can give you a big sales pitch, or worse yet, set up a "home visit"...), you have to choose some unknown adjustable base complete with one of their  many "Ultimate Empress Dual Comfort Supreme" mattress models; a mattress you have never seen, much less felt or lied down on.  We feel we have a better way:

                         We sell adjustable bed bases only - we don't sell mattresses!

It's not that we couldn't sell mattresses with our bases (we have many sources who would love to supply us), it's that we choose not to.  Maybe it's just the old "grass-roots common sense" in me, but I just don't see how any consumer can make an informed mattress purchase by just reading a sales pitch on a web site, without at least trying out the product first.  You may be smart enough to know whether you would rather have a "Cascade", an "Empress" or a "Med-Care Ultimate" by reading the descriptions, but I would have no idea.  My suggestion: buy the adjustable bed separately, and then if you need a new mattress, go locally and try out the ones that feel best to you. 

You may even find that with an adjustable base, your present mattress is not so bad after all; by raising the bed to a different position, it will eliminate the "pressure points" that you thought the mattress was causing.  Later on, if you need a new mattress, you can buy that later, thus spreading the purchase and helping the household budget.

Bobby's Note: Why buy an adjustable base from us? (believe me, this is as "hard-core" as the sales pitch gets from us...)  As my wife has pointed out to me at different times, I'm not the "sharpest knife in the drawer", but there is one thing I know: how an adjustable bed works, and why one base is better than another.  You would be surprised at the number of web site owners who have never looked under an adjustable bed, much less have any service experience on them, yet they can "go on and on" about their expertise and experience... 

A note about warranty service: One of the service companies I owned in Nashville has been providing warranty work on nearly all the major manufacturers of adjustable beds in the middle Tennessee area for over 15 years.  We worked on Craftmatic, Orthomatic, Electropedic, Maxwell, Flex a Bed, Adjust a Bed, and several others; they all have their good points (some better than others...), but one of the largest contracts we had is with Leggett & Platt.  They are, in my (not so) humble opinion, the finest made, best crafted, and backed by the best customer service of any in the industry.  Some of the manufacturers we deal with seem pleasant enough, UNTIL there is a problem... Then they question every charge, are slow in sending replacement parts, try to find some reason why the repair shouldn't be covered under warranty, and generally don't always look out for their customer's best interests. 

This is NEVER a problem with Leggett & Platt;  they go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied if there is ever a warranty problem.  I have seen many cases where, for example, a customer was having a problem with one of the massage motors on his bed; Leggett & Platt sent the complete electronics system (motor, power down box, and both vib motors) and asked us to replace it all under warranty.  I know all the ladies in the warranty dept at the office in Linwood, NC, and I really don't think the phrase "do enough to get by" is in their vocabulary.  And middle Tennessee is not the only place you can get good service; Leggett & Platt has over 400 factory authorized service technicians that can take care of a problem if it arises.  We could sell anyone's adjustable bases, but as long as Leggett & Platt is making bed bases, that is all we will ever sell.


"What's the catch", you ask?  There really isn't any catch; we offer free shipping and setup to all "normal" areas of the continental USA.  Now, IF you live on an island out in the ocean, or on the top of a mountain that you have to ride a mule to get to, there will be a small additional charge (whatever extra the shipping company charges us), but we would always let you know that before the order is processed.  Please compare our shipping and setup policy to that of our competitors; some of these fine folks boldly advertise "Free Shipping", which means (to them) that they will deliver it - to your curb outside - for free, but IF you want someone to bring it inside, unpack it, and set it up, they charge an additional $200.00 to $300.00.  We could cut our prices a little, and then "add it back" for shipping like some do, but we thought it important to give you a total price, upfront, so you would know exactly what you would be paying.  Also, these beds are very heavy; you haven't had a "real workout" until you wrestle a full or queen adjustable bed through doors and up stairs...

Twenty (20) Year Limited Warranty
The adjustable bed base is backed by a 20 year limited warranty by Leggett & Platt, the largest manufacturer of bed bases in North America (and the world, for that matter).   The warranty statement is a couple of pages long (I would be glad to fax you a copy), but "the bottom line" is this:
bullet1st Year - Full parts, labor, and travel warranty
bullet2nd - 5th Year: Parts covered, customer pays for labor if needed (this is usually not a problem, however; Leggett & Platt is very willing to send you the parts you need (nearly all parts are very easy to install yourself), then all you have to do is return the bad parts to the factory.
bullet6th - 20th Year: Parts are prorated by the number of months that have passed since the end of the 5th year.  Labor is additional, if needed.

We have four different bases from which to choose; we don't want to say these are "good, better, best" as some do, because they are all good.  But as with automobiles, washing machines, and everything else in life, some models have more features than others. 

If you will click on either the pictures or the text below, another page will come up with features, specifications, and pricing for that particular base. 

Model E90 Adjusta-Magic Adjustable Bed Base
* Corded Hand Wand
* Dual AC Head & Foot Motors
* No Massage Motors
* 20 Year Limited Warranty
Click Here for Features and Pricing
Model E91SS Adjusta-Magic Adjustable Bed Base
* Cordless Remote
* Dual AC Head & Foot Motors
* Single Head Massage with Variable Speed and 30 Minute Timer
* 20 Year Limited Warranty
Click Here for Features and Pricing
Model E95SS Adjusta-Magic Adjustable Bed Base
* Most Popular Adjusta-Magic Bed Base
Ergonomically Designed Wireless Hand Wand with Wave Motion and Bed Flat Features
Two Variable Speed Recessed Massage Motors with 30-Minute and 60-Minute Auto Off Timers
* Dual AC Head & Foot Motors
* 20 Year Limited Warranty
Click Here for Features and Pricing
S-Cape II Adjustable Bed Base
* Leggett & Platt's "Top of the Line" Adjustable Bed Base - there simply is not a better bed base manufactured in the USA today!
* Superior Wallhugger
Action keeps you close to your nightstand as you adjust your position
* Electronics are Full DC Operating System - Whisper Quiet Motors made in West Germany
Ergonomically designed wireless hand wand, Back Lit for Nighttime viewing, Features 3 Programmable Preset Body Positions
Two Variable Speed Recessed Massage Motors, in Sound Enclosures to Reduce Noise and Enhance Massage Action, Feature Massage Timer and Wave Action
* 20 Year Limited Warranty
Click Here for Features and Pricing


Adjustable Bed Base Comparison Chart

(Click on Underlined Text to Learn More About that Model)

  S-Cape II E95 SS E91 SS E90
Fits Inside Your Bed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Headboard Brackets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Locking Wheel Casters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Box Spring Appearance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solid State Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Free Motors Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Carbon Steel Frames Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Remote Yes Yes Yes
Leg Height Options Yes Yes Yes
Massage Yes Yes Yes
Preset Positions Yes Yes
Backlight Buttons Yes Yes
Massage Timer Yes Yes
Wave Massage Yes Yes
Programmable Massage Yes Yes
Battery Backup Yes
Whisper Quiet Drive Motors Yes
Wall Hugger Yes


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